Rex Pope – Yuma, AZ

What I read was excellent, but you know you’ve set a high bar for yourself. So many of us hold you in such high regard. I look forward to reading it. Best Wishes!

I am encouraged to see your leadership advancing School Choice nationwide.

Kanani Voegeli – Albuquerque, New Mexico

Reading ChamBria’s chapter in Success Mastery was a moment I will not soon forget. Having worked with her since 2002, I have had the incredible privilege of a front and center seat as she has touched thousands of lives with her work. ChamBria is one of those incredible people who looks at the problems happening in the world and stands up to do something about it. She gets that education is at the root of so many of our social and economic problems and that by improving education, we can improve the lives of so many people.

I’m delighted and excited to see this new direction, and to see her voice rise up on a national level to talk about what’s happening in education, and the ways that we can all come together to continue to improve this system for our nation’s children.


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